WW1 War Memorial



Quick first rehearsal today for the village WW1 memorial service to be held next Sunday.One dedicated villager has researched all the men and women who served and lost their lives during WW1. This will be the village’s third memorial service, each one focusing on the events of 100 years ago. We have a small war memorial but our researcher has discovered that some names are not listed, for whatever reason. For example Arthur Miles from the village died in the Somme in 1916.

I should emphasise, this is a very small village, even today, and would have been much smaller 100 years ago. Hearing about the experience of someone (usually young men) who lived down the road from you is an excellent way to remember all of those who served our country.

I am joining other woman to sing a rousing Suffragette song (these memorial services are not your typical fare). During rehearsal general enthusiasm escalated to deciding that we should wear Green, White and Violet, GWV, for Give Women Votes and a suffragette hat! Some research required I think.

P.S. Have ordered some colourful Suffragette rosettes – hope they arrive in time.


3 thoughts on “WW1 War Memorial

  1. I’ve been thinking about this today, Ginny. I’m hoping to spend a day writing and thinking in the Town Hall next Friday (11th) and will stand at the War Memorial in the Town Park at 11am – to observe and reflect. I’m really interested in your suffragette research – looking forward to hearing more about that.

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