WW1 memorial service


I have now sung with my fellow suffragettes in our village WW1 memorial service. We wore Green, White and Violet for ‘Give Women Votes’ as the actual suffragettes did and I wore a cloche-like hat from a charity shop in Warminster. The ribbon was handmade.

Before 1918, only men ‘of property’ could vote in Britain which meant a high percentage of the men who fought in WW1, and risked their lives for our country, were also not eligible to vote.

In 1918 all men over the age of 21 were given the vote and women over 30 (but only if they met the property qualifications or were a university graduate or were married to men who qualified on either criteria).

Apparently, the difference in voting age of men and women was to ensure that, following the loss of men in the war, women did not become the majority voters – what exactly the government thought these women would do with this franchise isn’t clear! Elect woman MPs maybe?

Women weren’t given the vote on the same terms as men until a decade later in 1928.

Interestingly, Wikipedia states that only 52% of woman eligible to vote actually voted in the US election. 54% of those voted for Clinton and 42% voted for Trump.

Maybe voting should be compulsory as in Australia? At the very least I think there should be better education for young people on the importance of voting. Surely, if they were denied the vote they would be outraged and if not why not?



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