Placeholder cats 2

2-catsA rare picture of both cats together. Although it’s not obvious in this picture, Jack Sparrow, the brown tabby hogging the chair is big. A vet, on seeing him, said ‘Wow. He does have a big head, doesn’t he?’He also has big hairy feet.

American visitors have thought we share our house with a wild Bob-cat. Not helped by the fact that he doesn’t like strangers to approach him and so will bolt if they get too close.

Even as a kitten he was big. When he went to the vets to be neutered they worryingly didn’t knock him out well enough before they tried to shave him and he came back with half of his whiskers missing after he objected by trying to take a bite of the razor.


His balance was fine by the way, we thought with only half his whiskers he might be a bit wobbly.

His rather long, racoon-like tail gives away the fact that he is definitely not a bobcat.

Have a good weekend – Go and see Fantastic Beasts,

if you like that sort of thing -it’s great fun.


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