Visitors from Cameroon

cameroonToday, in our out of the way corner of Wiltshire, we had two visitors from Cameroon, I made blueberry muffins and they tried a Virtual Reality undersea experience (they prodded sea anemones and had close encounters with giant jelly fish) and Virtual Reality Google earth. When hubby asked where to start looking to find their home town in Cameroon he was told to head for the armpit of Africa! And soon enough there it was, a completely different view of a place they knew so well and with a sandy-coloured football stadium at its heart. Days like this don’t come along often.

I admit I am running low on inspiration for blog posts (day 28 of 30!) but honestly these are not random sentences I have strung together in some heightened state of panic.

Now they have gone on their way, heading to Devon before they return home, it does feel like a dream. You don’t have to take my word for it. The photograph shows the remainder of the muffins and the tea and coffee gifts they kindly gave us.

2 days left of Nano poblano !!!!!

#WeCanDoTheThing #LetsGoLetsGoLetsGo



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