My moongazing friends (that’s you)- thank you!

moongazing-friendsThis is my last post for Nano Poblano. I have written a blog post a day for the month of November. Am I sad it has come to an end? No. Am I glad I did it? Absolutely, yes, without question. I must admit that I feel a sense of achievement.

I have written about various subjects with next to no planning and with minimum editing which was part of my plan. Partly it has helped clarify my thoughts on writing techniques or ideas for poems. I am astounded and very grateful that anyone took the trouble to take even a cursory glance at these ramblings. I like to think of you as my moongazing friends, for want of a better description. The experience has felt a bit ethereal, plus we had the supermoon and the description seems to fit. Thank you all for stopping by.


I have also loved reading other peoples blogs (though I haven’t done this as much as I should have) and love the randomness of not knowing what you might come across. Many blogs are much more personal than mine which I enjoy reading, it feels as if I’m sharing a guilty virtual coffee with a friend. It does however emphasis how impersonal my own blog is, this is something I find difficult, although I have tried – honestly.

moongazing-hareOver the past month I feel I have been a little more observant than usual (a good thing for an aspiring writer), I have certainly taken more photos and have also been writing poetry. I have also kept up the discipline of writing every day.


As I have been reminded, a blog is for life not just for November, and already I can feel the anxiety of having to blog about something that I have had plenty of time to consider and prepare well-formulated post. It has been liberating having no time to talk myself out of writing on a certain subject. I hope to continue with the blog, maybe writing once a month or so.

A special thanks must go to Josephine Corcoran who first alerted me to Nano Poblano. Hers has been my main go-to-blog of the month, generously providing me with many warming virtual coffee breaks. So my moongazing friends farewell for now. We did it !



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